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Disney Launches New Pirate Adventure at Magic Kingdom

Just in case you needed one more reason to visit the Magic Kingdom this Summer, Disney has launched a brand new pirate adventure! With the ongoing popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, it's no surprise that Disney has introduced this adventure.

If you have visited Epcot's Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, you have some idea what the Pirate Adventure is like. The interactive adventure transforms guests into one of Captain Jack's pirate crew. As a pirate, you will need a magic talisman and treasure maps, provided by Disney at the Enlistment Center, to help you find your way. The Enlistment Center is located on the Frontierland side of the Adventureland arch.

The Pirate Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas features five different scenarios all in the Adventureland are of the Magic Kingdom. Each mission takes you to four different locations in Adventureland. Along your adventure, you will collect treasures and even fight off some of Captain Jack's best known enemies including Captain Barbossa, Calypso and the Royal Navy. The magic talisman works to set off special effects to let you know you are following the directions. Some of the effects include cannon fire, ships in a bottle battling, and blow darts.

Just like Agent P's adventure in Epcot, The Pirate Adventure's clues each lead you to the next clue until the adventure is complete.

The Pirate Adventure is open to all ages. The adventures can be completed as many times as you wish. Guests who complete all five missions will receive an additional special effect and have the honor of becoming an official member of Captain Jack Sparrows pirate crew!

For more adventures at the Disney Parks, check out the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game and the Wilderness Explorers at Disney's Animal Kingdom. As the popularity of the interactive adventures grow, you can be sure Disney will continue to introduce new and exciting adventures in each of the parks. What will be next? 



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