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Universal Studios Opens Transformers Attraction

Universal Studios Orlando is bracing for the battle of the Decepticons versus the Autobots in their new Transformers ride opening June 20th.

The new attraction positions the guest as an N.E.S.T (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) recruit in the 3D simulator ride. With 14 custom built screens at 60 feet tall, guests will become part of the experience. The ride takes twelve guests  per vehicle down 2000 feet of track in an EVAC vehicle which is a Transformer and the ride's narrator. The ride gives the feeling of speeds up to 60 mph. With a hidden elevator feature, the ride moves guests up to a 2nd floor for more action. Fifteen of your favorite Transformer characters from both the Autobots and the Decepticons will be seen on the attraction.

Similar to Universal's Spider-Man attraction, the Transformers ride features a blend of real props and projections as well as moving platforms, water and other special effects.

This ride is not for the faint of heart. As with any motion simulator, the experience can seem intense. The story follows a similar line as in the Transformers blockbuster movies. The backstory to the attractions adventure unfolds in the waiting area, as guests weave through rooms with large screens featuring the pre-show.

The Transformer attraction will occupy the space that once housed attractions such as Murder, She Wrote Theater and Hercules and Xena: Warriors of the Screen. Optimus Prime welcomes guests at the entrance to the tall gray Transformers building.

The new Transformers attraction at Universal Orlando follows in the footsteps of the already popular Transformers ride at Universal Singapore and Universal Hollywood.



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