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SeaWorld’s Empire of Penguins Opens

SeaWorld has opened a whole new world…or continent to be exact. Antarctica: Empire of Penguins opened to the public on May 24th.

At 6,125 square-feet, the Empire of Penguins is SeaWorld's largest attraction in their history. The exhibit will be kept at 30 degrees, making it a great cooling off spot during Orlando's hot Summer days.

A unique feature of the attraction is that there is no glass wall to separate penguins from guests. Only a 2-foot rock wall will keep the penguins in their home.

The new land features a family-friendly ride and, of course, the up-close encounter with penguins. This unique attraction allows visitors to see the South Pole through the eyes of the penguin. Empire of the Penguins also gives guests the opportunity to observe the different types of penguins and their unique style of communication as they swim and slide in the icy exhibit. Guests will also marvel at the 50-foot glaciers and hand-blown icicles. The attraction also features an underwater viewing area.

USA Today recently described the "cooling off" process that guests will experience in this unique exhibit. "Guests are slowly acclimatized to the real cold of Antarctica via air chilling, air movement and air recycling as they move through decreasing temperature chambers that prep them for the chilliest temps at the end of the ride."

The high-tech ride is where guests will experience Antarctica through the penguins eyes. The ride is programed to move like the penguin, walking, stumbling and sliding as he does throughout the ride. Riders will be a part of the experience.

Two hundred and forty five Gentoo, King, Adelie and Rockhopper penguins will all call SeaWorld's new "Empire" home.

If you are a SeaWorld passholder, you can register online for a one-time, front-of-the-line access pass to the Antarctica: Empire of Penguins attraction. Register at

SeaWorld is also promoting the new attraction with "extra penguin time". Beginning in June, a "Penguins Up-Close" tour will allow guests to see behind the scenes of Antarctica. There is an additional charge for this tour and park admission is also required.

SeaWorld suggests that if you plan to visit Antarctica's penguin habitat for more than five minutes, you should wear a jacket.



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