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We Are Expecting!

Here at Oak Plantation we have a beautiful family of Peacocks: Oliver, Abigail, Katia, Piper, Leo, Antoinette, Nestor, and Theresa. They have been with us for nearly 6 years. This spring their numbers are growing. One of our female peacocks, Theresa  (now known as Mother Theresa) has been tending her nest with 6 eggs. A mother peacock typically lays anywhere between 4 and 6 eggs. So this is a large lot!

Theresa started nursing her nest at the end of March. A typical incubation is 28 days. So look for an update on our growing family very soon!

Can you think of any names for our new family members? Keep in mind the first letter in each of their names spells out Oak Plantation Resort.  So we need names starting with "A","T","I","O","N" and "R". The next time you visit Oak Plantation Resort you can seek out our growing family.

Stay tuned to our blog The Talking Oak and "like" us on Facebook for all the latest updates on our growing family.



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